Welcome to our farm

Brattset Family Farm, LLC is 290 acre grass-based grazing farm, located within the rolling drumlin fields of Southeastern Wisconsin. This second generation farm is owned, managed and cared for by Kirsten, Pat, Jessica & Jacob Jurcek, & Damon, Trish & Bethany Brattset.

We produce 100% grass fed & finished beef. Our cattle live humane, stress free lives, grazing on our plentiful pastures. They are rotated onto fresh pasture daily to assure they have an extremely healthy environment and delicious food. We farm in compliance with Certified Organic Standards and, therefore, use NO GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, synthetic fertilizers or any other toxic garbage. We welcome customers to come out and see first-hand how we raise our livestock. We hope your family enjoys our delicious, healthful beef!

We are avid stewards of the land. Our farm is preserved for agricultural use & wildlife conservation, in perpetuity, for the benefit of future generations by a conservation easement held by the Drumlin Area Land Trust. The farm consists of: 146 acres of organically managed crop/pasture land; restored prairies; woodland; wooded wetland; wild life ponds and wild life habitat; a herd of 100% grass fed and finished beef cattle; pastured hogs; and a Silvoculture nut and fruit tree planting.

Sustainable and organic farming and conservation practices have always been a priority on the farm, and in 2008, the farm achieved USDA Organic certification. Any off-farm supplies are purchased from other local certified organic farmers, or from Frank Organic Feed and Supply in Jefferson. As avid stewards of the land and land preservationists, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides have not been used on our farm in over 20 years, and GMO seeds (seed containing genetically modified organisms) have never been planted on our land.