Whole, half, and quarter beef is available with a reservation monthly from June through December. Harvesting animals when they just come off pasture assures a delicious product for you. Our pastured pork is available in the fall. Pre-ordered cuts are available at our on-farm “Porch Store” while supplies last. Please download the cuts list from the butcher Wilson Farm Meats and contact us to check availability.

Custom Beef Harvest
Whole $4.10 per pound + processing
Half $4.20 per pound + processing
Quarter $4.30 per pound + processing

The price per pound is based on the hanging weight. Processing charges are additional. Animals are processed at Wilson Farm Meats in Elkhorn, Wisconsin or Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe in Rio, Wisconsin. An approximate summary (hanging weights vary slightly from animal to animal) of combined beef and processing costs are summarized below.

Hanging weight Meat Processing Total
Whole 725 pounds $2,972.50 $470 $3,443
Half 360 pounds $1,520 $230 $1,750
Quarter 180 pounds $778 $120 $898

Please contact us to check availability & make your reservation. $100 deposit is required for whole or half animal and $75 for quarter animal.

Custom Pork Harvest – Contact us for pricing

Item Average Pounds Per Cut Number of Cuts
Ground Beef 1 65
Stew Meat 1 6
Soup Bones 0.5 16
Tenderloin 0
Ribeye Steak 0.5 8
T-Bone Steak 0.75 8
Sirloin Steak 0.75 6
Porterhouse Steak 0.75 6
Round Steak 1.6 6
Arm Roast 3 3
Chuck Roast 3 10
Sirloin Tip Roast 3 2
Liver 1 6
Rump Roast 3 2
Short Ribs 1 6