Our beef herd consists of 30 cows, their calves, and one bull. Our cattle live humane, stress-free lives, grazing on our plentiful pastures. The mother cows give birth in the pasture, and their calves are kept with them to nurse and graze for 8 to 9 months, at which time they are weaned and moved to separate pastures.

As there are no fresh grasses available during the winter months, the cattle are moved to pastures near the barn, where they are fed free choice forages which have been harvested from our hay fields during the summer months. Near the barn, they also have access to shelter and frost-free waterers, assuring that they can drink whenever they please.

Our beef is finished on fresh grass, thus assuring a 100% grass fed product and is only available in the autumn. A grass-fed product is defined by the American Grass-fed Association as a product from ruminants that have not eaten anything but their mother’s milk and fresh grass or dry hay all their lives, and non-ruminants (including pork and poultry) where grass is a significant part of their diets, but not the entirety of their diets, since these animals need to consume grains, also. The American Grass-fed Association also cautions that many products are marketed as “Grass-fed”, when they truly are not. We encourage all consumers to know their producer!

Our hogs forage on pasture and have access to free choice grain.